Company Profile

ARESMA produces and sells convertible tops for convertibles of many automobile manufacturers. The company focuses on the so-called secondary market for soft-tops as well as the replacement for canopies in fabric or PVC. Our products enhance vehicles in appearance and functionality. This ensures driving pleasure and the feeling of freedom when driving your convertible.


We are a leading provider of convertible tops within Europe and supply all our distributors with the required modern soft-top fabric materials. We guarantee that our products are manufactured with the highest quality in material, fine workmanship and perfect fit at an affordable price.


We produce high quality replacement covers, so that the convertibles of our customers still look like new even after many years.




Aresma Ingenieurtechnik GmbH was founded in the year 1975 by 3 partners with the original idea of producing and selling spare parts for vintage cars.

ARESMA stands for "Autmobile REStoration MAterial".  Originally the company was located in Hamburg Kirchwerder, Hower Brack.  Back in the days the restoration and repairing of these old-timers was not of high quality. The material used was of poor quality or didn’t match the interior design.  Aresma started changing this by using matching materials in color and quality.  The reproduction of upholstery, carpets, inner linings and leather was also supplied to the specialist trade.

The company soon had to move to Hamburg-Altona where there was more space to add an own upholstery section. 1991 the company was moved to Geesthacht, where it has been since.

Nevertheless the market for restoration of older vehicles has changed and the company had to change as well.  From 1994 onwards the corporate and product strategy has been adapted to the market demand for specialization and high standard of expert knowledge.

ARESMA adapted with the market demand accompanied by substantial investments in production technology. It transformed from a trading company to become a production plant with commercial interests. Core business is now the production of convertible tops as well as the materials needed for the production of convertible tops. The company invested in a production facility for fabric coatings near Dresden. Here research and development of advanced and improved materials is done as well as material testing.

All current convertible finished tops for the markets in Europe the US and South America are manufactured and sold via its own distribution channels.